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What are Cosmic Confusions

What are Cosmic Confusions

If you think deeply. This universe itself is huge confusion and embodied puzzle.
How was such a large existence possible starting from a single point?
What was that point, where was it because space was created after the Big Bang?
Where did it come from? Nothing is known.
It does not seem possible to solve such a big confusion at present.
But by solving the thousands of riddles hidden in it, we may be able to understand this great mystery of the universe.

What is Cosmic Confessions
Cosmic Confessions Photo

Two large parts of this great universe are hidden from our eyes and our telescopes. One major part is dark energy and the other major part is dark matter.
These two parts do not make up 10, 20, or 30 percent of the universe. They are actually very large. 96 percent of the total known universe consists of dark energy (69 percent) and dark matter (27 percent), and only 4 percent is the visible matter that we can see. We can and everything else is far from the reach of our senses. Suppose a creature made of dark matter comes close to touch our neck, we, our vision, our senses, and even the sixth sense will remain unaware.

Dark matter is trying to hold the cosmic structure in its strong and invisible hands, while dark energy wants to break and scatter this structure. For a complete understanding of the oldest cosmic war between these two, we have to expand the scope of our investigation of them.
If ever a man of the future understands these two, consider that he has become able to understand the entire universe.

Dark Energy

At the end of the 20th century, all of our ancient theories of the universe were jolted to the ground when it was discovered that the expansion of the universe was accelerating rather than slowing down after the Big Bang.
Is this cosmic acceleration due to Einstein’s cosmological constant or is it due to some mysterious object like dark energy? Or is it a new form of gravity? Because we have not yet fully understood gravity. The exact answer to the cause of this cosmic expansion has not yet been found.

An attempt is being made to solve this question by observing galaxy clusters through the powerful techniques of X-ray astronomy. Success or failure depends on the coming time.

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Dark Meter

The second major cosmic invisible component is an unknown object called dark matter.
We sense its presence through its gravitational effects. It is completely different from the visible matter found in planets, stars, etc. Because it does not interact with light. That is, it neither absorbs nor reflects light. Rather, the light passes through it silently. So we are unable to see it.
It may be possible to understand this by studying the dark matter electron in X-rays using different astronomical settings.

Black Holes

What are Cosmic Confessions
What are Cosmic Confessions

This is also a huge cosmic confusion. It was once a very interesting and unique subject of science fiction. But now it has become a reality. X-ray telescopes have a great role in their discovery.
Although we have solved this cosmic puzzle to some extent, we are still far from solving it completely.
Black holes provide a natural arena for quantum mechanics and general relativity to meet and conflict.
If we are ever to unify the theories of physics (the most important and fundamental goal of physics of everything), we will have to advance our research and observations to understand black holes.


The process of a massive star exploding at the end of its life is called a supernova. During their lifetime, stars continue to convert hydrogen and helium into heavier and more complex elements.
These heavy and complex elements are scattered in space and reach distant regions when the star goes supernova. Everything on Earth, including life, is the result of elements scattered after the death of the first generation of stars (going supernova). The remnants of a supernova can glow in X-rays for thousands of years. They can be detected by sensitive X-ray telescopes.

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Galaxy Clusters

Massive cosmic structures where galaxies are held together in a gravitational prison. These giant cosmic structures can consist of thousands of individual galaxies. Galaxies are immersed in vast and deep clouds of hot gas within this structure and bound by the gravitational pull of a vast web of dark matter.

They are bound by the gravity ropes of the wide net. This hot gas exists at a temperature detectable by X-ray satellites such as Chandra. This gas is more massive than galaxies. Galaxy clusters are a great source of cosmic entanglement. Their size, mass and rich deposits of dark matter make them a huge cosmic laboratory. Studying any one of them allows us to understand the properties of the entire universe to a great extent.

Missing Baryon

Experts are getting introduced to it recently. Baryonic matter aka protons and neutrons which were abundant in the early universe but no longer exists. This is a huge cosmic confusion. Experts are surprised that all of this material is completely missing, so where did it go?

Some experts believe that this missing material became part of the widespread web-like systems of gas that form a galaxy and a galaxy cluster. The substance was detected by the faint X-ray signature it left behind before it disappeared.

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