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The Dark Side of the Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy

The universe is vast and mysterious, and scientists constantly uncover new information about its workings. However, we still don’t know much, particularly regarding the dark side of the universe.  In… Read more

What are Cosmic Confusions

If you think deeply. This universe itself is huge confusion and embodied puzzle.How was such a large existence possible starting from a single point?What was that point, where was it… Read more

The Arrival of Human Beings in the Universe

The Arrival of Human Beings in the Universe where the mysteriousness, complexity, length, and excellent management of this universe make a person travel to new worlds of wonder. At the… Read more

The End of The Universe What Will It Be Like

The universe was created to be destroyed. The question is not whether it will be annihilated or not, but the question is when and how it will happen. This is… Read more

What Benefit Did Space Exploration give to a common man?

Carbon monitoring satellite, a new chapter in environmental protection In recent years, climate change and environmental protection are among the topics that have gained significant importance in terms of economic… Read more