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The Arrival of Human Beings in the Universe

The Arrival of Human Beings in the Universe

The Arrival of Human Beings in the Universe where the mysteriousness, complexity, length, and excellent management of this universe make a person travel to new worlds of wonder.

At the same time, this thing also makes people hesitant and curious. If there is no trace of life anywhere in the trillions of stars and their systems of two thousand billion galaxies within the 93 billion light-year circle of such a long and wide observable universe. Is????

Was this universe, which existed for 13 billion 80 million years, desolate from the beginning?

The Arrival of Human Being in The Universe
The Arrival of Human Being in The Universe

The man came into this universe much later. After the passage of 13 billion 79 billion 97 million and 50 thousand years of the universe. A stepped on a small planet in the solar system with the status of a grain of sand in the universe.

Before that, what was happening in the universe, were preparations being made for such a long time. On such a wide scale, to welcome Human Beings?

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Was this cosmic lamp done in celebration of the arrival of man?

Let’s estimate a little how long man has been in the universe according to the cosmic time.

Just as the earth revolves around the sun at a distance of 150 million kilometers and completes one cycle in 365 days. This one cycle of the earth is called an earth year. Similarly, our Sun also orbits the Milky Way’s central black hole at a distance of 26,000 light-years.

Just as the earth revolves around the sun at a distance of 150 million kilometers and completes one cycle in 365 days. This one cycle of the earth is called an earth year.

Similarly, our Sun also orbits the Milky Way’s central black hole at a distance of 26,000 light-years.

The Sun moves continuously at the rate of 230 kilometers per second. And completes one revolution in a period equal to 22.5 million years to 25 million Earth years.

This one cycle is also called a galactic year and cosmic year. Are you also aware of the surprising fact that man has not yet spent even one day of a cosmic year In the universe and the solar system?

The average of twenty-two and a half million years and 25 million years is twenty-three million and 75 million years. If we want to divide this cosmic year into days, hours, minutes, and seconds according to the terrestrial year.  A day of this cosmic year equals 650685, an hour 27112, a minute 450, and a second 50.7 Earth years.

On The Scale of the Cosmic Year

On the scale of cosmic years, the universe, which is 13.8 billion Earth years old, is like an old lady of 60 (cosmic) years. The Earth is an 18 (cosmic) year old Virgo, the Sun is a young man who has only seen 5.20 springs of his life (completed 5.20 orbits around the galactic center) and humans are only a few hours away from touching down on Earth. It is like a virus.

Carl Sagan said in a TV program in 1980, “If the total age of the universe is 15 billion years. The Big Bang is just after midnight on January 1st, and the arrival of man in the universe is like December 31st.” A little incident of the midnight (very last moments of).

Or let me say in my own style that the universe is like the longest story of Urdu and man is like a minor character mentioned in the last chapter of this story.

Think About This Aspect

It adds to the mystery of this universe that man came in the last moments of the last night of the whole year and what happened in the universe for the rest of the year.

Man is a minor character on the last page of the last chapter of the longest story. So who are the rest of the characters in this story, And what feats did they accomplish in this story?

The universe has an age of 60 (cosmic) years. So we have come only a few hours ago, so has any creature been born and destroyed on this earth before us?

Or in this vast universe, only one planet Earth has always lived in the solar system. Which is a grain of sand among the trillions and trillions of stars and their planetary systems? Was the desolation always the desolation in every hundred universes and is it?

Does the heart believe and neither does the mind believe that we are alone in this universe or this universe was deserted for such a long time and man came a few hundred thousand years ago and reduced the desolation of this longest universe a little (even if it is imperceptible)?

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Think-Think Deeply About The Arrival of Human

Think deeply. The more you think, the deeper the fog of mystery will hide all scenes from the eye of the mind and then the fabric of thoughts will begin to break, perhaps the mind will start to thrill, the heart will start to sink, and you will wander in the darkness over the world of imagination. Will stay but stay!!!!!

It is necessary to have some pleasant feeling among these despairing words. Lest I drown you in the deep sea of ​​despair along with these despairing words of my own writing. Hope is still in disbelief. So let me enlighten you with a very pleasant feeling.

On which the Mysterious Being skillfully created this universe and gave balance to it.No action in this universe happens by accident, but the creator of this universe reveals even one of its short-term events according to his timetable. The same entity also determined the time of the arrival of man in the universe in the best way. How? You will understand this by reading the following lines.

The Advent of Man into the Universe

Although, the arrival of man in the universe was very late. But the arrival of late came in the best period of correctness. This is the period in which we can fully enjoy the colors of this beautiful universe. If we had come sometime after the Big Bang, we would not have found the universe in this state. We would have experienced extremely hot temperatures, instead of blue skies. If we had a sky full of smoke, dust, and flames, we would not be in this beautiful form, we would be in the form of a hot plasma-filled, fire-breathing creature, and if we came to this universe sometime after the present, we would be in this vast world. And can never comprehend the vastness of the vast universe.

Because the rest of the galaxies would have gone so far from our local group that we wouldn’t even be able to look around them, and our total universe would be the area of ​​the local group, or even a narrower and suffocating region called Malco Meda. There was a universe.

So why not set aside all prejudices and take advantage of your arrival in this beautiful and colorful universe to explore the far corners of the universe?

I feel as if the poet has likened this universe to an open bottle of wine and said this poem.

The bottle is open, there is wine jam in the dance

O, my dear! Your prayer is successful

It is a reward to drink at such a beautiful time

There is Saqi, there is Chandni, there is Chaman, there is Shabab

Source: Wikipedia

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