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What Benefit Did Space Exploration give to a common man?

What Benefit Did Space Exploration give to a common man?

Carbon monitoring satellite, a new chapter in environmental protection In recent years, climate change and environmental protection are among the topics that have gained significant importance in terms of economic and social development around the world.

The world is trying to play its part for a beautiful, safe, and transparent planet. This is the reason that goals such as carbon neutral have been set by the major industrial countries of the world and a regular time has also been determined. Monitoring is also a must.

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China, playing the role of a major responsible country, has further strengthened its environmental friendliness and recently launched a carbon monitoring satellite. This effort will further sustain the global carbon reduction efforts and will also lead to better policy making regarding the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

This carbon monitoring satellite will be used to provide services for terrestrial ecosystems, environment, and resource monitoring, monitoring of China’s mega environmental projects, as well as surveying and mapping, meteorology, environmental protection, agriculture, and disaster reduction. An additional advantage of this satellite is that it can detect and measure plant biomass, atmospheric aerosol, and chlorophyll fluorescence through comprehensive remote sensing such as laser, multiage, multispectral, hyperspectral, and polarization.

The good news is that ground stations in Beijing and Xinjiang also track and receive data from satellites on three major issues. In the first phase, this stream lasted for 25 minutes and during that time 306 GB of data has been acquired.

It is worth mentioning that China is making great efforts for green development based on environmental protection. China has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, with a series of green initiatives being rolled out. These include increased demand for new energy vehicles, the launch of a green development fund, green finance facilities for businesses, and more.

Awareness and awareness about environmental protection are prominent factors. Under green development, renewable energy, especially hydropower, wind, and solar energy, has gained importance in the country. China has not only achieved success in its green development but also shared its experiences with other countries. Industrialization China, which has the status of a factory for the world in the field of carbon, has just celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of the carbon market last month.

During this one year, the total transaction volume of carbon emission allowances in the China Carbon Emission Trade Exchange has been 194 million tons, while the total market value reached 8.492 billion Yuan. In a country as big as China, this eco-friendly development is being hailed as an important innovation that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing the carbon trading market.

This effort also includes China’s financial institutions, which are pushing forward with bank currency policymaking to reduce carbon emissions to provide greater financial support to achieve this goal. China is committed to expanding the coverage of the carbon trading market to other sectors to help control greenhouse gas emissions, promote green and low-carbon technological innovation, and provide guidance for environmental investment and financing.

Mechanisms will play an important role. This includes linking China’s carbon trading market with other countries based on the Paris Agreement, the globally authoritative international agreement gaziantep bayan escort on climate change. China is also committed to promoting zero-carbon technologies by advancing research on energy storage, hydrogen energy, and energy sustainability-related fields.

China aims to increase the share of new energy vehicles in its total car sales to 20 percent by 2025 and build an electrified public transport system by 2035, with purely electric cars becoming mainstream. Thus, China, thanks to its environment-friendly initiatives, is striving for green sustainable development by harmonizing carbon reduction efforts with modern technology, the effects of which are also being set at the global level.

Source: Wikipedia